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We tailor our work to tackle a wide range of business-critical issues, here are some examples of the kind of work we do.

Audit of capability

Independent capability assessment
Risk assessment understanding and application
Crisis/Emergency preparedness assessment
Compliance adherence
Legislative requirements

Crisis management

Crisis management team (CMT) development for CEOs and their executive teams
Capability building; plans, processes, teams, integration and implementation
Reputation protection
Support and team development
Leadership development
Operational decision-making
Information management
Internal communication
Cross-organisation alignment
Response management training
Exercise planning, delivery, evaluation and reporting
Security and resilience

Crisis communications planning

Crisis communications team development
Crisis communication processes and planning

Incident and emergency management

Capability building; plans, processes, teams, integration and implementation
Leader and team capability development through coaching, mentoring and training
Organisational alignment
Decision-making founded on excellent situational awareness
Effective communications
Infrastructure advice and development

Leadership development

Strategic support and decision-making
Leadership and communication skills
Personal coaching and mentoring
Change management and organisational alignment
Workforce empowerment and performance cultures
Team training, exercises, scenarios and away days

Business Optimisation

Independent assessment of performance and structures
Corporate vision and strategy development
Opportunity identification for improved efficiencies
Change implementation
Talent development and mentoring; succession planning
Portfolio and business unit integration
Risk management process development and implementation
Organisational structures and processes
Cultural change

Business consultancy

Partnerships and collaborations
Outage management support
Project leadership support and development
Strategy and campaign planning
Regulator/operator interface
Blue/red team war-gaming and stress-testing
Software solutions service consultancy
Cyber crisis preparedness
Corporate social responsibility integration