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Case study Nuclear Energy

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Our task was to assist our client in a key transition that had significant regulatory, structural and cultural implications across the business. The removal of radioactive materials and subsequent reduction in risk meant that, with the approval of the regulator, a simpler emergency plan could be rolled out organisation-wide. One of the key impacts was the need to introduce a new team structure and train staff in a new approach to emergency response.



Our starting point was to run a detailed audit of existing plans. This spanned an independent capability assessment, risk assessment, compliance check and survey of current legislation. Having challenged the organisation’s existing processes and used our blue and red team methodology to test them, the client was in a position to present to the regulator for paper approval; a stage that helps to validate any proposed course of action. This was followed by exercises and simulations which demonstrated the organisation’s physical ability to deliver on the new plans, as well as engage internal stakeholders and check the compliance of external stakeholders. Throughout, our role was to act as an external viewpoint and support our client’s internal team in achieving the best possible strategy and process for decommissioning.


The regulator approved both stages of the project – the updated plans and the demonstration of capability. This had proved a difficult hurdle in the past, prompting the regulator to recommend that the business seek outside help (which led to the call. There is now a programme underway to embed the relevant capabilities in the organisation, with the Berwicks team working alongside internal stakeholders to update relevant structures and processes. This ongoing support will ensure that the new and even more robust approach to managing the decommissioning process continues long-term. As a direct result of the organisation’s work in this area, Berwicks has since been commissioned to work on sites outside its immediate portfolio, but managed by the same parent body organisation.

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