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Case study Nuclear Processing

Capability that goes beyond compliance to be best in class


A producer of fuel for nuclear power stations.


Our brief was to improve our client’s capability to respond to a wide range of threats; to improve processes, practices and non-technical skills that together enhance situational awareness and decision making. Investigation into their exposure to risk identified areas where they may have been unable to cope effectively. We worked with the senior team and successfully changed the internal mind-set to go further than simply ticking the regulatory boxes.


The change management process began with a detailed audit which spanned fact-finding, observing exercises, interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing documents and previous assessments. Once we had established the freedoms and constraints of the project, we made clear recommendations and provided tools to enable a raft of changes. These included refining key processes and improving the workplace, by adapting the ergonomics to allow better interaction between teams. Having outlined our plans and achieved buy-in from the stakeholders, we ran a pilot which demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategy. Post-implementation, we worked with the team to review the changes and identify lessons for the future.


Our client passed their next regulatory assessment with flying colours, delighting the regulator and retaining their licence. Further validation of the enhanced capability followed six months later when the client successfully managed a real emergency. The client paid tribute to Berwicks’ work in preparing their team to respond effectively. Drawing on their newly enhanced capabilities, the emergency leadership team had the time and space to think and act decisively, whilst simultaneously engaging with all stakeholders (including their crisis management team, the regulator, police and suppliers). We are continuing to work with the team today, refining their emergency response capability, training new leaders and responders and embedding the skills that will underpin the future success of the business.

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