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Case study Petrochemical

Emergency Response – IPSL


Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) is a well-established provider of plant management services to clients in the petrochemical sector; both in Trinidad and globally.


IPSL, in addition to its other services, is responsible for the provision of an initial emergency response capability in the event of on-site incidents. The Emergency Response Crews (ERC) are made up of plant personnel who have undergone some emergency response training delivered by a local provider. This emergency role is in addition to their plant specific roles.  The initial capability assessment, carried out by specialist Berwicks consultants, identified several areas where specifically targeted training and coaching could support an enhanced response capability.


The key areas identified were subjected to training needs analysis and a detailed programme of development was agreed with the client. This included theoretical and practical elements aimed at building capability in the crucial first hour of a response to an incident. Support was provided to all levels of the emergency response from front-end responders to the command nodes throughout the whole of the response structure. This training helped to further embed previous learning and experience while introducing additional knowledge, skills and procedures to enable IPSL to respond effectively to increasingly complex scenarios.


This intense period of emergency response capability development supported IPSL in achieving a measurably enhanced operating capability across all 14 of their high-risk facilities in Trinidad. IPSL continues to call on Berwicks to provide additional refresher and ab initio training and coaching for all staff who form part of their emergency scheme. Berwicks also continues to conduct periodic emergency response capability audits. Recent real time plant incidents and the response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have seen IPSL (now Proman Operations) utilize the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed with Berwicks assistance to overcome significant challenges and emerge stronger and more resilient.



“Berwicks has enabled us to develop genuine confidence and capability in dealing with an emergency. The levels of experience they bring to the process have been a real game changer.”

Crew Captain IPSL, Trinidad

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