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Case study Global Petrochemical

Global petrochemical security – interim head and capability development


The world’s second largest producer of methanol and a top-ten player in nitrogen-based fertilizer


The organisation spans 4 continents including sites or offices in parts of Europe, the Middle East, Caribbean, Africa and North and Central America. It also includes its own shipping line. It lacked a cohesive, overarching policy on security, had no designated head of security and faced critical vulnerabilities which – whilst generally understood at local levels within risk assessments – lacked any coherent organisational approach. The challenge was to clarify the various risks, confirm stakeholders, consolidate existing policy and confirm its compliance with localised and regional regulations, identify shortfalls and develop and deliver a coherent, overarching security policy and process suited to local circumstances.


We appointed security specialists for a deep dive into all existing security documentation and engaged with internal stakeholders at global sites. Existing policy was Red Teamed and gaps and shortfalls identified. Berwicks experts were appointed as interim Global Head of Security; with operational, regional support at key global locations. Extensive internal collaboration, local liaison with government departments and law enforcement agencies and extensive planning and exercising was conducted, including cyber exercises, to finalise and validate policy and process and ensure full alignment across the 68 business units.


The end result was a coherent security management system to ensure complete organisational alignment, good governance and effective mitigation of security risk. Across a highly complex operating model. Berwicks were able to step out of interim roles and leave full responsibility with the client.


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