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Case study Nuclear Waste

Improving an essential emergency and crisis management capability


A world-leader in the decommissioning, reprocessing and management of nuclear waste.


Our task was to ensure that the client’s emergency management programme was up to date, in line with current stringent regulatory requirements and equipping the business to respond effectively to abnormal events. Working across an incredibly diverse and
complex business, our focus was on improving existing capabilities while driving up value and efficiency. The consequences of poor preparation would go far beyond our client’s financial performance and reputation; it would affect the future of the whole nuclear industry. Most importantly, the impact would have exceptionally severe humanitarian and environmental repercussions that would be directly felt both nationally and internationally.


The process began with an in-depth audit of existing procedures using embedded personnel. The subsequent findings helped us to identify changes to the organizational structure and write an emergency programme for responders, and a crisis management plan for the board. We introduced a new strategy on training that was specifically tailored to compliment the capabilities of the organisation and empower employees. As part of our recommendations, we carried out training, coaching and mentoring of emergency responders, building capability in-house to prepare them to cope effectively with major incidents.


The capability of our client to handle emergencies and crises has been dramatically improved. All personnel involved in emergency response can now access a consistent level of effective training. As a result, the organisation has an effective and integrated emergency management plan, implemented by a better trained, better equipped team. Furthermore, the new crisis management plan for the board has given the senior team the confidence and clarity needed to make critical decisions under pressure.

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