Building capabilities that count When it matters most


Case study Science & Technology

Integration and information when it really matters


A centre of scientific and technological excellence, supporting national nuclear security.


Our focus was on helping our client to work and communicate more effectively with government departments while responding to threats to national security, having previously been found wanting.

The organisation employs some of the finest scientists and mathematicians in the field, but the reputation of their business was at threat and depended on their ability to connect with other people outside of their own community in an informative, constructive way during critical situations.


We assessed the capability gaps through an audit which included investigatory interviews and identified a need for training to help the technical experts communicate clearly and integrate effectively with others who did not share their expertise.

We then developed and delivered a detailed training programme. Employees were made aware of the potentially catastrophic effects of failing to clearly articulate ideas, and gained an understanding of the expectations of their government stakeholders. They were given specific training to enhance their leadership, communication and risk assessment skills, so they can respond effectively to a crisis and overcome inter-agency cultural differences.


Our work has transformed our client’s ability to operate and collaborate effectively when it matters most. The employees now know how to integrate with external teams and can clearly articulate their technical expertise in a way that informs decision-making. The individuals within the team are more capable, confident and engaged, while the organisation has averted a serious threat to its reputation.

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