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Leadership development in a global electronics firm


The London based offices of Electrosonic, which covers the EMEA region.


Electrosonic EMEA experienced significant changes in senior leadership over the previous year with a new MD who took a dynamic, transformational and hands-on approach to leadership. Realising the importance of good leadership in any organisation, the MD invested in building on this essential capability.

A firm believer in harnessing and developing peoples’ strengths and exercising effective delegation, the MD approached Berwicks to provide support and advice in developing the senior leadership to become more confident and motivated and to enhance teamwork and combined performance.


After a fact-finding visit to meet some of the senior leadership team (SLT) and discussions on general views of what had changed, what effects these changes had on the organisation and where perceived strengths and weaknesses reside, Berwicks developed a bespoke plan to work with the key individuals to run a series of packages on Followership, Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Teams.

The aim was to get the leadership team to have a better understanding of their behaviours as individuals and as leaders. Through the use of experiential tasks and expert facilitation the team observed their behaviours and then agreed new ways of working (based on simple processes, tools and agreed behaviours). The key to the final session, Leading Teams, was to ensure open challenging debate that enabled the team to improve its performance.


Berwicks consultants applied a vast amount of front-end leadership experience to working with the Electrosonic SLT over a series of leadership development packages and experiential learning activities. The MD has personally commented on what a positive difference in behaviours these have brought about. This was most recently indicated with the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, where his team quickly and effectively adapted to the crisis in calm, confident manner. He attributed this to many of the lessons absorbed from the Berwicks team.

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