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Oil company merger – global security policy


A global oil and gas company.


A major oil company was acquired by another global organisation with extensive internal changes resulting. The client is a leading upstream oil and gas producer. With major headquarters in Beijing, Aberdeen and Toronto and operations being run on 5 continents and in over 20 countries and growing, there was an urgent requirement to consolidate strategic security policy and process and to engineer a corporate security strategy. Berwicks were tasked with developing a coherent Security Management System (SMS). This particularly as exploratory drilling off several west African countries was due to commence but with no standardised policy in place. Berwicks was tasked with collating all security documentation and providing clarity to the organisation on how to take strategic security forward.


We started with a deep dive into all existing security documentation to establish a comprehensive and accessible library of security policy and process. Existing policy was Red Teamed to challenge assumptions and identify areas for improvement or where significant gaps exist. Berwicks worked closely with senior emergency and security leadership and was permitted unfettered access to all company documentation.


The deep dive identified shortfalls, areas of incoherence in documentation, the requirement for significant consolidation and amendment and a system of cross-referencing of documents. The end result was a coherent SMS to ensure good governance and effective mitigation of security risk.

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