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Case study Public Sector

Transformation that supports and sustains a community


A public sector organisation providing a wide range of services.


Berwicks was tasked with helping a public sector body prepare for a diverse range of potential crisis scenarios. In an environment where an emergency would likely cause wide scale disruption, the goal was to equip the client to respond in a way that would not only protect the welfare of the community but also the infrastructure that is so critical to sustaining the local and national economy.


We started by looking at the team’s existing emergency management capability and its readiness to respond effectively to multiple, complex risks. We used realistic scenarios, based on these risks, to analyse their needs, assess their capability gaps and design a comprehensive training programme.

At the implementation stage, we carried out emergency management training and crisis communications planning at all levels of the organisation, giving senior teams and responders the skills to respond effectively to an incident and manage communications with external stakeholders (including the government, the media and the public). We delivered leadership training, with particular focus on the CEO and other personnel who were inexperienced in crisis operations.


The transformation of the organisation’s emergency management capability has since been successfully tested through a number of real-life events. Under pressure, the teams demonstrated that they are well-drilled and effective in their response.

Within the sector, our client is now seen as a pioneer in the area of emergency crisis management and considered to be setting the benchmark for others to follow.

On completion of the initial project, we created a self-help programme to enable our client to practise their crisis response and train new employees. This has enabled the team to keep their skills up-to-date, so they are ready to tackle even the most profound challenges.

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