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Case study Nuclear Power

Transforming a business to set a new benchmark in emergency response


An established nuclear power station operated by one of the UK’s leading energy businesses.


Our team was brought in by the client following two failed assessments of its emergency arrangements by the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Another fail would have meant ceasing operations, coming off the national grid and a loss of licence until the power station could prove the effectiveness of its emergency operations. The financial cost alone would have amounted to over £800k of lost revenue every day. The Berwicks team was tasked with supporting senior management and engaging a disenfranchised workforce in order to create an effective emergency response that would satisfy the client’s terms of operation.


Communicating with and engaging the workforce were at the heart of this project. We started with an audit of capability and fact-finding to assess the current position and identify training needs. We also worked collaboratively to inspire both management and the workforce to see the site license requirements as something to positively excel at, not just an obligatory hurdle.

We formed a change management team alongside a well-respected and capable emergency planning manager from a different part of the client company, under a mandate to change or fix whatever was needed.

There followed an intense period of training and exercising to embed the improved skills and knowledge, and to build pride in the organisation.


The end result was a workforce that were as slick as a Formula 1 pit crew. Efficient, effective, motivated, highly trained, prepared, ready. On the next inspection, our client demonstrated its emergency tools, techniques and procedures and met the regulator’s requirements. In fact, the regulator commented that it was the best demonstration of emergency response it had ever seen. The business avoided any loss of earnings and the process led to a significant improvement in morale across the whole organisation.

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