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Case study Energy

Understanding fire risks and response


A leading global electricity company.


Our client required an independent assessment of its on-site fire risks in the event of a major incident as well as its existing fire-fighting capabilities. As a responsible organisation, it wanted to be confident that it could safeguard its employees, its community and the environment in addition to protecting its business interests.


With extensive experience in the fire and rescue arena, the Berwicks team was called in to carry out a thorough audit of the regulatory requirements, on-site hazards and existing capabilities.

The project started with a review of nuclear industry documentation and Fire and Rescue Service best practice to gain a clear picture of the legislative and regulatory landscape. This was followed by a review of the site, covering fire risk assessments, existing emergency plans and supporting documentation. A two-day site visit and thorough “walk-down” ensured every potential fire risk and hazard was noted and included in a final report that detailed the organisation’s recommended fire-fighting capability.


Our client now has clarity on the potential fire risk and hazards on-site and its existing fire-fighting capability. The next stage will cover training needs analysis and a comprehensive training plan complete with simulation exercises to stress-test their capability. Following positive feedback from around the organisation, our client is now in a position to approve a training plan for its teams, to deliver a robust response in the event of a major incident.

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